I bought some unixstickers.

Unixstickers is a vendor that sells (high quality) stickers and swag (things with logos printed on it), donating a portion of the revenue to the respective open source projects.

These stickers will be given as rewards for completing practice labs.

Stickers table

Sticker Description
Arch Linux Badge Sticker Arch Linux badge sticker
Ubuntu Circle Keyboard Sticker Ubuntu Circle keyboard stickers (x0)
Bash sticker full logo Bash sticker full logo
rm -rf / shaped sticker rm -rf / shaped sticker (0)
git badge sticker git badge sticker (0)
Budgie sticker Budgie sticker
Tux square keyboard stickers Tux square keyboard stickers (x2)
Kali Linux badge sticker Kali Linux badge sticker (x10)
Kali Linux dragon Kali Linux dragon (x0)

I also have a few laptop camera covers from Lockheed Martin.

Webcam Cover